Beyond Pink TEAM Subcommittees


We utilize a number of subcommittees to facilitate the varied facets of our organization. Hopefully, one or more of them will interest you and perhaps you can share your skills and time with us. We also are always looking to expand our horizons, so please feel free to share any of your ideas with the group.


  • develops our budget
  • helps with the Beyond Pink FUND
  • can pull out information showing how BPT money is spent
  • Contact: Jeanne Olson
    Phone: 319-833-6101


  • volunteer to work with our 3 support groups
  • help plan programs and arrange for speakers
  • volunteer to pick up food and be a greeter for the groups
  • Contact: Dee Hughes
    Phone: 319-504-6492


  • volunteer to work at fund raisers held by other organizations in the community
  • promote the Beyond Pink TEAM and the work we do
  • help plan and organize events sponsored by the Beyond Pink TEAM
  • Contact: Lisa Ellerman
    Phone: 319-235-3179


  • learn about the science of breast cancer and how to prevent it from ever occurring
  • act on advocacy alerts by contacting policy makers to accelerate the end to breast cancer
  • work among state and national legislators to make ending breast cancer a priority
  • Contact: Christine Carpenter
    Phone: 319-266-0194


  • present to the public on topics such as breast cancer awareness, advocacy and the Beyond Pink TEAM
  • provide educational materials for public events
  • using technology to assist with presentations, communication, and design
  • Contact: Lori Seawel
    work: 319-273-3086 cell: 319-240-2556


  • help with web design and creation
  • promote the Beyond Pink TEAM using social and conventional media resources
  • attend events to get publicity photos
  • Contact: Gabbi DeWitt
    Phone: 319-292-2225