Breast Cancer Resources

Information, Support, Counseling, and Educational Materials

Living Beyond Breast Cancer includes a helpline, newsletter and information. Survivors Helpline: 888-753-5222

National Comprehensive Cancer Network® (NCCN) provides state-of-the-art treatment information in easy-to-understand language to people with cancer and their caregivers.

Young Survival Coalition connects with other young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Cancer Care is a national nonprofit organization offering counseling, support, financial assistance and education to individuals with cancer and their families.

Iowa Cancer Consortium offers cancer information and links to resources in Iowa.

American Cancer Society offers cancer information and services.

National Breast Cancer Coalition The NBCC’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer by focusing the government, research institutions and consumer advocates on breast cancer. It encourages advocacy for action and change.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas offers patient and cancer information.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation’s Army of Women has two key goals: (1) To recruit women and men of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors, women and men at high-risk for the disease, and healthy women and men, to partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will lead to eradicating breast cancer once and for all. (2) To challenge the scientific community to shift the emphasis of research beyond the cure to focus on breast cancer prevention research.

FORCE – Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered – this is a website that focuses on people (women & men) who are BRCA+. There is a map of support group locations, unfortunately, none in Iowa, the closest appears to be Minneapolis. On-line support is available. There are many other resources for BRCA+ patients including a research registry to follow BRCA+ individuals.

Bright PinkThis is a breast cancer site including awareness and on-line risk assessment. There are many proactive features regardless of your risk level. Genetic risk (BRCA) is just one topic.

The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The promise of prevention and the hope for healing – In this book, Dr. Schettler introduces the Ecological model, a model of complex and interrelated systems, as a framework to understand breast cancer risk and health interventions to reduce risk. The book gives an in depth overview of the latest scientific research on known risk factors for breast cancer. The author points out that while some evidence on breast cancer risk is strong, the body of evidence varies widely, results are often conflicting and studies are fraught with limitations. There are many uncertainties and unknowns when it comes to understanding the scientific complexity of this disease. How do we sift through the intricacies of the data to know what actions to take for reducing risk in our lives? How can we move forward with the best evidence available to create healthier communities for ourselves, our families and for society? Dr. Schettler’s book addresses these timely and critical questions.