Fundraising 2012

The nice thing about the community we live in, is that the Beyond Pink TEAM feels so supported in the events that the community does. We do very few fundraisers of our own, yet we are often asked to participate or even better receive a check from funds donated.

This year we benefited from the following groups- just to name a few:

  • The Jesup Volleyball team – $1391.62
  • Guerrilla Brewing Company- $4915
  • Veridian Credit Union- $500
  • Smitty’s Bar Golf Outing- $2020
  • Grundy’s Girls Night Out- $1085
  • Black Hawks Hockey Nights- $11,568.05
  • Men in Pink Skirts in Oelwein- $823.54
  • Avon Representative- Gail Ingebritson- $1006
  • Black Hawk County Health Department Employee Jeans Day- $207
  • Wheaton Franciscan Health Care Jeans Day- $1190.19
  • PDCM Insurance- $1000
  • GMAC Mortgage – $2281
  • Cedar Falls Police and Fire Departments
  • Eagles’ Roost in Hazleton

And this is just a sampling of the generous donations we have gotten this year. We will add to this list, and also track it for 2013. Mostly, the Beyond Pink TEAM wants to thank the community for their generous support of our activities. Whether you are helping to fund the basic expenses of a newly diagnosed person, or wanting to donate toward a scholarship to send a member for more education about ending breast cancer- we thank you for your donation and your support of what the Beyond Pink TEAM does locally to help our community!

Here are just a few pictures of check presentations done during 2012.


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