University Book & Supply Shows Support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BPT Display at the University Book and Supply store in Cedar Falls.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The University Book & Supply store, near the University of Northern Iowa campus in Cedar Falls, Iowa, is helping the Beyond Pink TEAM draw attention to the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 campaign; a campaign to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020. Included, in their “Pink” display, are the Beyond Pink TEAM’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 t-shirts, breast cancer bracelets, and Colors of Cancer bracelets. All three of these items may be purchased from the bookstore during the month of October. All proceeds for these three items go to the Beyond Pink TEAM.

Show your support for ending breast cancer by January 1, 2020 by purchasing and wearing a Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 t-shirt, complete with a QR code on the sleeve. When scanned by a smartphone, the QR code takes you to the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s web page to collect signatures to support
a presidential petition asking the next president to make ending breast cancer a national priority. You may also access the petition web page by going to

Colors of Cancer bracelets include an insert telling what type of each colored bead represents. The breast cancer bracelets feature pink as the primary color with white beads intermixed to provide contrast.

Additional information about the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 campaign can be found on the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s web site:

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